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Is one of leading online games publishers in the Mena region

About us

At Gamgos Games what we do is delivering the top-notch desktop and mobile games from our HQ in Sofia, Bulgaria to MENA region. Besides having +2M verified gamers registered on our platforms, Our highly skilled and native team do A to Z from localizing to Publishing of AAA games to help them reach their maximum potential in a $680M market of MENA.

Our mission

Having world famous games accessible to gamers in the MENA region in their native language. Giving the opportunity to the game developers to top their profit by providing A full package publishing solution (Localization, Servers, Marketing, Community Management, Payments, Billing and Legalization).

Our services


Translation of a game doesn’t necessary mean it is localized. Our team is specialized to take it beyond translation to modify the source language and other game elements to adapt your game content and applications for regional and local consumption in order to appeal to the gamers’ culture preferences in their own target language.


If you are a game developer and looking into finding a way to enter niche MENA region for additional profit, Look no further! Gamgos games can help you in more ways than you can imagine, for a share of your games revenue. We offer our expertise on valuable services like monetization, app store optimization, product strategy, localization, marketing, advertising, public relations, social media, and even community management and support.


Gamers are actively looking for a game just like yours. The question is, are your games easy to find where it matters most? Our native marketing team with extensive local marketing experience in Digital Marketing, SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc. could help your games to be seen, By taking advantage of vast media partners already integrated media partners onto our self-developed marketing affiliate system.


Having self-developed payment system with +150 global and local payment methods integrated allows us to run options like promotions, happy hours, promo codes, vouchers, refunds, chargebacks etc. Our payment team has solid experience with all local specifics of players payments operations.

Customer support

Having Offices in Tehran and Cairo allows us to use native community managers. Part of our management team are hardcore gamers, which quickly discern useful feedback and player trends that need to be addressed. Player communities are better understood and problems don’t linger due to lack of support engagement.

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